Why EatherWay

An appointment scheduling system creates a win-win situation for the doctor and the patient. A system that avoids waiting and offers flexibility to its users regardless of age, knowledge or technical skills. And that is precisely what EatherWay does.

It enables patients to book appointments with their doctors using three options- by sms, normal telephone calls or online. And it allows doctors to organise their practice sessions, streamline their patient flow and better manage their time.


EatherWay for the doctor

  • IVR phone based booking for your patients
  • Online web based booking for your patients
  • SMS booking for your patients Web based administrative interface to schedule, configure working hours, view appointments and manage users

EatherWay for the patient

  • Become a registered user and search to find your doctor's ID number
  • You can book doctor appointment directly from the site
  • You can also book doctor appointment later, by calling the automated appointment telephone at 0 93418 21515 or by sending an sms to 56 00 60 70

Install EatherWay in your mobile

It is not always necessary to have access to a pc to manage your appointments. You can install the mobile version of EatherWay, EatherWay ME to view and manage your appointments. Almost everything related your appointments - no of patients booked for the day, their names, token numbers,appointment cancellations - all these can be accessed and managed through the mobile interface.

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Eatherway, healthcare medical appointment software, scheduling patients, hospitals and doctor appointments online through SMS and IVR systems.

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EatherWay Customised

  • Increase your Hospital Productivity
  • Lower Operating Costs
  • Boost Patient Satisfaction
  • Instant Return on Investment

Eatherway - an online doctor appointment software which helps a patient to book doctor appointments online.

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