About EatherWay

EatherWay Patient Flow Management System

The name EatherWay owes its orgins to ether (aether) , the term used to describe the material that fills the region of the Universe above the terrestrial sphere, in ancient and medieval science.

EatherWay is an integration of three communication mediums - Mobile Text Messages (SMS), Internet and normal Telephony. It is at the same time a website, a platform to receive and send text messages and an automated system to receive and respond to voice calls. It to enables doctors and patients to communicate with each other 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to efficiently manage their most precious resource TIME.

For doctors , it acts as a customizable Patient Flow Management System.

For patients, it serves as a multi-faceted Appointment Scheduling System.

How can it help doctors

EatherWay will act as a Patient Flow Management System for you. It will give you absolute control over the time you see your patients, the time you spend with them and the time you wish to finish your day's work. This is made possible through storing in advance your consultation timings, your contact details and the average time slots you spend per patient within our system. It will be easily accessible for you to change it anytime if you need to. And it will be easily accessible for your patients too to book appointments with you.

How can you adopt it?

Step 1. You register yourself as an EatherWay subscriber. You can do it by calling one of our Solution Consultants. She will collect your primary contact details, your consultation timings and the average time you spend per patient on a simple sign up form. Once we have your details, we will key in the details to www.eatherway.com, a website accessible to the public who wants to seek appointments with doctors.

You can also do the registration yourself by simply submitting your details here

Step2. We activate your registration, create a doctor ID for you and send you our welcome kit. It contains a display board which highlights your doctor ID and the instructions for your patients to book appointments through EatherWay. The board is meant to be displayed at a place where your patients can see it. With this, your entire patient flow is under your control.

Step3. Your patients start booking appointments. How do they do it?

You have already made your doctor ID known to them.

They can request their appointments by:

a. Sending a mobile text message. The format to seek appointments is dr <space>doctor ID<space>the date They can also cancel the appointments once booked. The format is  dr <space>doctor ID<space>c . The number to send the message is 56 00 60 70. Within few seconds the sender will receive a notification message on the same mobile. It will have the time slot based on availability and a token number that denotes her position in the queue.

b. Calling the number 0 93418 21515. This is an automated system. The system will ask the caller to press the doctor ID and then the date she wants the appointment. That's it. She will be told that her appointment is confirmed and she will be given an available appointment slot and a token number.

C. Some of your patients may be more comfortable in doing things online. Excellent. They can directly login to the website, www.eatherway.com, look at your consultation timings and choose for themselves the available slot.

This means, your every single patient, any one who wants to seek healthcare advice from you, can now choose the medium they are personally comfortable with, request an appointment, receive a time slot based on your convenience and availability, and come and see you indeed with a smile! - avoiding all the hassles of waiting and queuing.


  • Every day, before your consulting time starts, you can get a message in your mobile phone listing all your appointments scheduled for the day. This helps you to perfectly schedule your practice.
  • Once the system have your details, the entire patient scheduling and the token distribution process is handled by the system. You are completely freed from any involvement in any of these tasks.
  • When patients take ownership of their scheduling, they are more likely to keep the appointment and arrive on time.
  • You would no longer receive any untimely calls in your home phone or mobile phone seeking appointments.
  • There will always be an air of order around your practice with no more crowding at your door steps.
  • Anytime you can change or cancel the scheduled appointments and inform your patients instantaneously.
  • EatherWay also allows scheduling your meetings with Pharma Representatives. They will have their own messaging format to fix appointments and you can easily set your preferences for those meetings.
  • Any time you need any assistance in the system, any help your patients need, the customer care staff at our call centre are available 27 X 7 to help you.

Help Desk

Eather network has a helpdesk functioning from 8 AM to 8 PM. (Sundays 10AM to 5PM). Patients will get all assistance and the whole range of information such as the practitioner Id of the Doctor of their choice, the SMS formats for seeking or cancelling appointments etc from the Call Centre. The Help Desk Contact number is 0 98958 77580 .

EatherWay will change the way patients meet their doctors. Get ready to be greeted with a smile, always.